The germination and generation of the Muggly Bunch brand


  • Designed 300+ hand-drawn features that fit together in a unique way to create cartoon characters in a popular style that people enjoy.
  • Made the Mugg Maker so anyone can design and download their portraits for free.
  • Launched MugglyBunch.com
  • Developed other aspects of the website including an online shop selling personalised coffee mugs and gifts featuring users' custom Muggshots.
  • Drafting ideas for the webcomic and future animated TV series.


  • Started the Muggly Bunch webcomic featuring characters made using the Mugg Maker.
  • Continued designing and refining more hand-drawn features and outfits.
  • Completed first 'episode' of the Mandel Brothers webcomic.
  • Did my first podcast about the webcomic, available on Youtube and Spotify.
  • Continued writing storylines for graphic novels and cartoons.
  • Began developing Genesis NFT collection and brainstorming utility.


  • Finalised character features, including any-gender outfits, glasses and headwear.
  • Created Discord server.
  • Ported online store to Shopify and added more products.
  • Developed algorithm and artwork for Gen 2 "Perkolated" collection. (WIP)
  • Implemented on-chain Mind/Body/Spirt/Science/Magic attributes.
  • Generated 10,000 random Muggshots for the Gen 1 NFT collection.
  • Deployed ERC-721A signature mint smart contract via ThirdWeb.
  • Initial 420 Muggly Bunch NFTs revealed on OpenSea.