The Mugglyverse

Three billion chances to avoid extinction
The techno-kings of Earth failed to terraform the Red Planet before the Catastrophe, but were at least able to thrust the Lost Earth Astro-Nomad into the cosmos, for posterity or something.
Caught in orbit around a white dwarf star not seven seconds from supernova, LEAN has initiated its Final Thought Protocol. Engaging a quantum processor capable of simulating the lives of 100,000 Muggs on repeat, it functions to find creative solutions to probably impossible problems.
Yet, as fast and as smart as Earth’s greatest technological achievement since the decentralised internet is, LEAN lacks the ability to discern good ideas from bad ones. Worse still, it has focused its entire computational effort on the reimagined weekend of one Alen Mandel: Entrepreneur, coffee enthusiast, and simpleton.
More muggle than messiah, Alen has precisely three-point-one-four billion opportunities to produce a single ignorant brainfart that could help preserve hoo-manity's legacy, in one dimension or another.
Every Mugg represents a programmatically generated protagonist from the Lost Earth Astro-Nomad. Some will survive, others face annihilation. All have a story waiting to be told.