Future Features

Turning it up to 11
Funds generated from the sale of the first NFT collection will be used to rebuild MugglyBunch.com from the ground up, implementing new features for users across web and mobile platforms.

Website 2.0

  • Beautiful new website served on Google Cloud Platform to stay fast under increased workloads and to further improve the user experience.
  • NFT marketplace showcasing Muggly Bunch collections. Holders can submit names and bios for their Muggs that everyone can see, adding a degree of personalisation without affecting the overall immutability of on-chain characters.
  • Holders can link customised and derivative artworks of their Muggly Bunch NFTs to the online shop, where they will receive royalties for all products sold using their designs.
  • New features added to the Mugg Maker. Fans and brands can submit their own features and will be paid a commission for every purchase that includes a characteristic they made.
  • Online accounts for MugglyBunch.com with a dashboard of relevant analytics to provide transparency for holders, collaborators and affiliates.
  • A cool spin on the traditional storefront with gated access just for Muggly Bunch NFT holders!

Mobile 1.0

  • Standalone mobile app with different features that complement the website.
  • Ability to colourise your Muggshots inside the Mugg Maker.
  • Fun implementation of two-factor authentication for extra security across the Mugglyverse.
  • Built-in mobile arcade with play-to-earn games.
  • Character sheets and companion features for the Muggly Bunch table-top adventure game.
  • Digital loyalty card to collect bonus perks and provide Proof of Entry for real-world events.