What's Next

A little taste of what's in store for the Muggly Bunch!

2023 Q1

  • Genesis collection mint is live
  • Curating more exclusive new merch for NFT holders
  • Starting the second edition of the Mandel Brothers webcomic
  • Continuous community development on Twitter and Discord
  • Collaborations with other Web3 projects and advocates
  • Create animated and traditional video content to educate a growing audience and build hype.
  • Branch out Web2 aspects of the business onto other platforms for increased exposure and brand recognition with potential customers outside the NFT space.


  • Release first stage of the multi-format Mugglyverse, a text adventure exploration of the Mandel Brothers coffee shop at the advent of the Catastrophe.
  • Develop working document player's handbook and pilot campaign integrating NFT on-chain attributes and community gaming.
  • Airdrop rare sample booster packs of Muggly Bunch trading cards to early adopters
  • Prepare Gen 2 "Perkolated" collection for launch, a 100,000 full-colour drop with extra special real-life perks and utility.
  • Collaborate with more artists and projects to design new traits for the Mugg Maker. Commission paid to contributors each time merch is purchased featuring one of their designs.

After Mint

  • Invest in next iterations of our mobile and web platforms. More information about future features available HERE.
  • Storyboard pilot episode of animated TV series, shared in private Discord channel and discussed/voted on by NFT owners. Pitch to entertainment platforms.
  • Build out team abilities in-line with business plan
  • Launch first Muggly Bunch mobile P2E game
  • Release 100,000 Gen 2 collection. Free airdrops and additional whitelist spots given to Gen 1 NFT holders.
  • Seek active partnerships with brands and artists for shared IP opportunities.
  • Publish trading card game and companion guide.
  • Host game tables at international Web3 events for Muggly Bunch NFT owners and influencers.