Trading Card Game

As cool as cards get without Charizard
Building on the MBSSM attributes discussed, a physical Muggly Bunch trading card game is in development. Trading cards are some of the most collectible assets on the planet, and games utilising them are some of the most played. This extension of our NFT collection creates a strong bond between digital collectibles and fun, social experiences.
The Financial Times and Chainalysis reported that, as of 2021 there were approximately 360,000 people who own NFTs. Although that figure surely exploded during the hype before Summer 2022, it still pales in comparison to the estimated 14 million people playing collectible card games in North America alone. A Muggly Bunch CCG backed by non-fungible tokens that's still accessible to a much wider audience presents a great opportunity, if done right and well.
The Mugglyverse is already establishing deep roots in contemporary yet edgy storytelling through the Mandel Brothers webcomic and the punk sci-fi lore of the NFT project. This dedication to fantastical tales of super-simulators and civ-saving mind-vomit cracks the gloss off a brilliantly nerdy genre and sets the scene for a joyride through space and time that's inviting to everyone.
NFT owners have the chance to submit their Muggs alongside a character name, bio and special ability to a collection of 1,000 trading cards, the Mandelbrew 1000. Booster packs will be sold alongside our other merch on MugglyBunch.com and given away at events and conventions.
Following a successful launch, regular game nights will be held on our private Discord channel as well as in-person with DMs (Doom Masters) at pop-up clubs around the world. Lessons we learn and fun mechanics we discover in these games will form the basis of the Player's Handbook for the Muggly Bunch adventure role-playing game!