What is a Mugg?

We're all a bit Muggly
Muggs are the mostly-ugly characters that inhabit the Mugglyverse. Unlike the anthropomorphic apes, bears and probably (at this point) mutant dolphins, Muggs are unique yet extremely relatable two-dimensional hoo-mans.
As the Lost Earth Astro-Nomad chugs along in the solitude of deep space, harnessing the brilliant energy of a neutron star to preserve the legacy of their fallen civilisation, Muggs exist in a perpetual three-day simulation of their pre-Catastrophe world.
Every Mugg has attributes in Mind, Body, Spirit, Science and Magic that define their personal traits and talents, with enough flexibility for you to create your own story around what makes them, them.
You'll also notice that most of the features are names taken from around our world. Muggs are the sum of their environment, the people they interact with and shape their very essence - just like us.
Which Mugg will become part of you?