The Team (So Far)

The bunch helping Muggly Bunch flourish.


Founder | Artist | Content | Dev
Born in the 80's, raised on 90's TV and forged in 2000's hardcore punk and heavy metal, Chris is the introverted British dude who created everything about the Muggly Bunch.
He doesn't profess to be some famous influencer in Web3 (or any space), and he hasn't worked for any cool start-ups. During the day he works in an office writing content and educating schools and businesses about tech that strengthens their security posture, reduces their carbon footprint, or enables more fun and engaging learning opportunities around STEM subjects.
Evenings and weekends since May 2020, Chris could be found with his laptop on the sofa drawing away and building the custom cartoon character creator, webcomic, NFT collections, online store and everything else that this project is evolving into.
More than an excuse to avoid social situations and skip the gym, Muggly Bunch is his immortality project and something he'll continue working on forever.
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Lead Advisor
Sanki King is a world-renowned Pakistani visual artist working professionally since 2005 and exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in February 2021. Growing up as a gamer in the early 90's, he has closely observed the evolution of our digital world and now combines his passion for art and technology as a career.
Sanki now works as a blockchain advocate, key opinion leader and an independent advisor and auditor on NFTs, Metaverse, P2E, DAOs and Wallet Security for Web3 communities close to home and internationally.
Sanki's ability to recognise talent before hype honed in on Muggly Bunch early in 2022, and his continuous ideation and mentorship since then has helped Chris up his game time and again.
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Discord & Community Manager
Hailing from Greece, Kioy moderates and manages our Discord server, throws retweets on Twitter and drags Chris kicking and screaming into Spaces. Day-to-day you'll find him responding to and closing tickets from shills, making connections with other projects and generally keeping things in check.

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Think you've got the skills we need to take Muggly Bunch to the next level? We're currently building out our team and looking for people for the following roles:
⭐ Social Media Manager ⭐ Project Manager ⭐ 2D Animator ⭐ 3D Artist ⭐ Web/App Developer