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To the Checkout and Beyond!
There are many businesses on platforms such as Etsy who pay designers to recreate photos of their customers into characters in the style of popular TV shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy, but the Mugg Maker lets anyone reimagine their friends, family and colleagues in minutes! Users can download their Muggshots for free, or purchase a variety of coffee mugs and gifts featuring their cartoons and personalised text from the online store.

Coffee mugs

Available in regular (11oz) and big (15oz) sizes, coffee mugs are the core of our Muggly merch and make perfect gifts for the home or office. Limited editions and exclusive designs just for NFT holders keep dropping.

Travel cups

Robust enamel mugs for every adventurer, stainless steel water bottles and other reusable drinks receptacles to help reduce paper and plastic waste.


Cork-backed coasters to complement your Muggly Bunch coffee cups, pin badges to personalise your jacket or backpack, and vinyl stickers strong enough to tag up your laptop, toolbox or skateboard.


T-shirts, hoodies, hats and socks - All the usual merch you expect to see from an online brand, just customised with your Muggly Bunch NFT or design.
Muggs in future collections will be wearing some of this merch, unlocking special prizes, perks and discounts to holders with these traits. Brands and artists we collaborate with will earn commission on every physical and digital product sold featuring their work.


  • Printed and signed copies of the Mandel Brothers webcomic and other stories.
  • Booster packs and starter decks for the Muggly Bunch TCG.
  • Player's Handbook for the table-top role-playing game.
  • 3D printed models of your Muggly Bunch NFTs.
  • Personalised comic book greeting cards.
  • Limited edition hardware paired with digital replicas for the metaverse.