A quick bit about the website without spoiling the punchline
Starting out as a simple site for designing the best cartoon avatars on the internet, MugglyBunch.com has grown to include an online store and a home for Alen and Neal Mandel as they struggle to make a successful business out of their trans-dimensional coffee shop in the first instalment of the Muggly Bunch webcomic.
Having spent most of my attention to this point in developing the platform, my focus as I grow my team and the Muggly Bunch brand is now directed at driving traffic to the website and increasing merch sales through the webshop.
By leveraging the unique opportunities in Web3, collectible Muggly Bunch NFTs will supercharge brand recognition and help to create a fanbase for the whole of the Mugglyverse, leading to multiple revenue streams both inside and out of this world.
MugglyBunch.com is the ONLY place you can mint the NFT collection.