Why I Made It

The motivation behind the Bunch
In May 2020, the UK was in the depths of Lockdown. Covid was hitting hard, everyone was scared, and nobody was really allowed to go outside unless essential. By day I was working from home, trying to make myself indispensable in a job I started a week before the pandemic struck. I work in IT, so our industry was incredibly busy making sure schools and businesses stayed operational. By night, I had nothing better to do than sit on the sofa and draw.
I remembered how all the coffee mugs in the office kitchen were covered in various emblems, and I wasn't sure which one I could use. There were football badges, random corporate swag, or at best, the crest of House Stark from Game of Thrones. Most of them meant something to somebody, but who did they belong to? None of them were mine, anyway.
I thought how cool it would be to have a truly personalised mug, that was a bit of me but not just a photo of me (cringe). At last, the cartoons I was drawing had a reason to exist beyond the screen! I found their Why, as Simon Sinek would say.
Driven by the need to create something, to keep my mental health in check when many of us felt anxious or alone, and to leave a nice (albeit a bit silly) mark on the world if things did go south, I built. I built hard.
As the Mugglyverse continues to expand, it's time to bring in folks to build with me and take this passion project to heights I can never achieve by myself. Check out the Future Features to see what we'll be working on next!