On-Chain Attributes

Adding some Magic to Muggly Bunch NFTs
Alongside the programmatically-generated art, every Mugg in all of our collections come bestowed with a number of on-chain attributes that will become an integral part of Muggly Bunch trading card, table-top, online and mobile games!
Mind, Body, Spirit, Science and Magic


There's little we can achieve without a sound mind and a bright idea from time to time. Muggs with a high Mind score have excellent problem-solving abilities and are more likely to succeed in turning their thoughts into action.
Alternative definitions: Perception, Influence


Creative and analytical Muggs can point their team in the right direction, but there are occasions when you'll need to show some muscle in order to overcome obstacles in your path. There will be times when you need to fight to survive, so don't take a tough body lightly!
Alternative definitions: Attraction, Strength


We might be limited by our body and mind, but faith knows no bounds. Whether it's faith in a higher power or confidence in your abilities, high spirits can get us through all kinds of adversity.
Alternative definitions: Energy, Ego


Scientifically savvy Muggs can recognise patterns in their environment and wield their intimate understanding of the natural world to develop chemical and mechanical inventions that just might get their party out of a jam.
Alternative definitions: Knowledge, Engineering


The Lost Earth Astro-Nomad might not recognise a good idea when it simulates one, but Muggs high in Magic can use the supercomputer's lack of judgement to their advantage in as many ways as they can imagine.
Alternative definitions: Creativity, Luck
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