Tabletop Adventures

From Pokémon cards to Magic the Gathering, it's clear that there's a huge community dedicated to collecting and trading cards to build out the ultimate deck (whether they actually play with them or not!).
Alongside everything else we're doing with Muggly Bunch, we're dedicated to bringing another level of fun and social gaming to digital and analogue communities with table-top adventure games in the same vein as Dungeons & Dragons, except with an out-of-this-world science fiction twist and gameplay that's much more accessible.
Realising fantastic growth in recent years (probably with thanks to shows like Stranger Things), there are approximately 50 million people playing D&D today. Of course there will be some crossover with the 14 million fans of collectible card games, but the market is massive and it's a unique direction to take Muggly Bunch to the masses beyond Web3. Building on the lore from the NFT collection, players will use their cards to create a team of Muggly companions and drag them through the quasi-contemporary pseudo-SF Mugglyverse, facing danger and peril at every turn as they navigate the Catastrophe and save hoo-manity with their bright ideas, magic and friendship.
Fun rules (yes we understand that's an oxymoron, but trust us!), interesting game mechanics and brilliant adventures will be play-tested and developed by the Muggly Bunch community on Discord and exclusive in-person game nights just for NFT holders.
Our favourite storylines, villains and anything else that brews from these sessions will go towards the Player's Handbook, available for anyone to purchase on Amazon. And of course, special and signed editions shall be yours for the taking on the gated collectors-only webshop at MugglyBunch.com!