The Mandel Brothers

A couple of Muggs and a lot of coffee
Alen and Neal Mandel
Spotting a business opportunity in the small British-ish town of South Downside, Alen and his older brother Neal have set up shop with a mission to serve the local community of tea-drinkers the perfect cup of coffee.
Devoid of furniture, menus or much more than a rather novel and magnificent-looking coffee machine, things aren't looking great at the Mandel Brothers coffee shop. Alen has big ideas to turn things around and bring in the punters, but Neal sees little more than a place to charge his phone and avoid unemployment.
Utterly clueless, the two brothers (and every other Mugg for that matter) are stuck in a three-day loop of their lives, simulated in fractions of a nanosecond by an icosahedral supercomputer orbiting a star that's about to explode. They're just as ignorant about their impending doom some seven-odd seconds away, even though that is exactly the cause of their perpetual reincarnation.
As Alen struggles to stay in the black and Neal wonders where to find a decent beard trim, the Lost Earth Astro-Nomad's Final Thought Protocol carries on processing any and every idea that could possibly spare the surviving remnants of their mostly-ordinary civilisation.
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