Welcome to the Muggly Bunch!

About this Whitepaper

Many whitepapers start with about 1,000 words on what an NFT is, but if you're reading ambitious project roadmaps in 2023, chances are high that you already know what's so special about [some] magical internet pictures.
We all resonate with content in different ways. Some of us like lots of illustrations, where others prefer cold text and warm language to get the message across. You're about to read the all-killer no-filler version of the Muggly Bunch whitepaper.
Need to know something we haven't covered in this edition? Check out the Official Links page for more info about us across the web and different ways you can get in touch.

Quick Pitch

Over two years in the making, Muggly Bunch is the try-hard immortality project of some dude building an entertainment franchise around coffee, song lyrics and time loops. Our mission is to serve you a delicious house blend of Web 2 and 3 with:
  • A unique take on PFP NFTs
  • Popular cartoon art style
  • Culturally-relevant storytelling
  • Social gaming elements
  • Merch with utility in the Mugglyverse
  • Just the right amount of nerdy
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